The anonymous mailbox is unfortunately temporarily not available. In case you want to provide us with confidential information, you have the following options:

A) Please send a message to a CORRECTIV reporter of your choice via encrypted e-mail. Here you will find an overview with all current e-mail addresses and digital fingerprints.

B) You can also contact us via postal mail:
Office Berlin: CORRECTIV, Singerstrasse 109, 10179 Berlin
Office Essen: CORRECTIV, Huyssenallee 11, 45128 Essen

A few safety tips:

For maximum security if you are sending very sensitive information, don’t contact us via your home or office computer. The safest location from which to send confidential information is from a busy Internet Café in a library or train station, places where you can use a computer for a brief period of time without the need to register.

Upload your information directly from a USB stick without copying the data onto the computer hard drive.

After uploading your data, delete the cache and the browser history files.

And one more tip, by using a TOR system, you can mask your location in the Internet.

For more information please click: TOR (The Onion Router) Anonymity Online

You can also email us a tip by sending a message to If you would like to send your email anonymously, then you can use a so-called one-time email. This service is offered by a number of providers including:

There is no need to register or provide any personal information. Usually you can review your message for a period of minutes or hours before the message is deleted.

Please note

By uploading or sending information via this page, you give CORRECT!V permission to use this information for journalistic purposes and permission to publish this information in whole or in part.